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Amber Holly has had a passion for animals her whole life.   Amber graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Zoology and currently works in the veterinary department at San Francisco SPCA.  Saving Grace Rescue has helped find forever homes for over 3000 cats and kittens.  Please contact Saving Grace Rescue with any questions and adoption needs.  Thank you for saving a life by choosing a rescue!


Sign in at the Guestbook or call/email at:

Amber Holly
San Francisco, CA


I agree to spay/neuter by the date indicated                                                    

I agree this cat/s will NEVER be declawed                                                   

I agree to keep this cat/s INDOORS only at all times                                      

I agree to have this cat/s examined yearly by a licensed veterinarian, and will seek immediate veterinary care in case of illness or injury                                                           

I agree to maintain a flea-free environment and regular flea prevention if necessary                                                                                                                                       

I agree to keep this cat/s as a household companion providing affection, play, fresh food, fresh water, identification, clean litter, clean environment and an abuse free home for life                                                                                                                                               

I understand that this cat/s may live up to 20 years and am prepared to take on this commitment.  If I move, I agree to acquire pet-friendly housing.  In the extreme circumstance that I am unable to care for this cat/s, I agree to contact Saving Grace rescue with at least 5 days notice.  I agree to NEVER relinquish this cat/s to a shelter or Humane Society.  I agree to NEVER have this cat/s euthanized unless a licensed veterinarian determines the cat/s to be terminally ill or injured.                                                                                                                                   

I agree that Saving Grace Rescue has the right to remove this cat/s from my home at my expense if the above agreements are not met or if the spay/ neuter agreement has not been satisfied                                                                                                                        



Please contact Saving Grace Rescue for exact fees. 

General fees are $125 for one kitten, $75 for a second kitten and $50 for an adult

Adoptions include a complimentary exam at the San Francisco SPCA and a complimentary sample bag of Royal Canin cat food

Discounts are given for multiple adoptions and special circumstances
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